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Atlanta, Ga, United States
DJ Stylze is a multi-genre event DJ whose music travels began in California where he was born and raised. Intrigued by his dad’s sound system, audio gear, and turntables, his passion for music and the sounds it created was born. Stylze started DJing through the natural channels like neighborhood parties, local events, college radio, nightclubs, concerts, festivals and more. Along the way he fell in love with the art of connecting and moving a crowd. Stylze has the abilities to play to various demographics and pull from multiple genres. His music can range from past hits and classics to today’s hottest music. He is known for cutting, scratching, mixing, and blending a mash up fusion for a great music experience. DJ Stylze can be found in Atlanta where he uses media placement to get artist more exposure. He also does booking and promotions. But, Stylze prides himself on his personal events. He is known for putting together events in Atlanta, where he DJs and works worth other groups. When he is not doing his own he can be seen doing other dance events for companies on a national level.